Our Services

At JELC we build and deliver brand extensions through strategically designed, innovative and brand-aligned licensed consumer products;

  1. Full service agency representation

    We offer our clients the peace of mind that comes with a licensing agency that prides itself on providing individualised service and personal relationships. Our combined senior management team's licensing experience of over 60 years provides our clients with the full spectrum of licensing processes and procedures required to run an extensive and successful licensing programme.

  2. Strategy development

    Your brand is more than your logo, name or slogan — it’s the entire experience. At JELC we enable our clients to have clear strategic goals for their brand's development within the licensing industry; in essence we create strategies to take your brand where it’s never been before through clearly defined brand extension opportunities.

  3. Solicitation of appropriate licensing partners

    During our 60 years licensing industry experience we have built up close and strong relationships with manufacturers and retail partners, using these relationships we are able to connect our clients brands with the right partners setting the scene for mutual commercial success. We have a robust process for soliciting and securing the very best companies / licensees for our clients.

  4. Lead product development

    At JELC we have our ‘finger on the pulse’ of current trends in the retail environment enabling us to offer focused guidance across all aspects of product development and design. By understanding the unique DNA of our clients’ brands we are able to take a lead role in the development of the brand's extension into new licensed categories.

  5. Licensing process management

    At JELC we offer an open access agency ensuring our clients are informed of development progress at all key milestones; we take on the heavy lifting of process management to ensure all boxes are ticked.

  6. Royalty administration

    At JELC we are fully integrated with the licensee and retail activities for all of our clients ensuring we are able to provide accurate and timely reporting and collection of royalties for our clients.

  7. Consultancy

    Our international licensing consultancy services utilise the expert knowledge and skills of all members of our company, enabling us to provide clients expert insight into all aspects of brand extension and licensing.

  8. Retail, Marketing and Promotional Support

    Our service and support doesn’t end once the product hits the High Street, at JELC we work extensively with our retailer partners and clients to pull together a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure not only are the products available in retail stores but that consumers know about them.

  9. Feasibility studies

    With honesty and integrity as a hallmark of JELC we will undertake in-depth feasibility studies to fully understand the direction to extend a brand. We will always be honest in our opinions as to where the licensing opportunities lie for our client's brands.

  10. Category research

    We work with our clients to strategically focus the entry points into the licensing business through a clearly defined tiered category approach.