Crimestoppers is an independent charity that gives people the power to speak up to stop crime, 100% anonymously. Over the past couple of years Crimestoppers has developed a successful portfolio of partners that offer consumers home-based security products that focus on providing them with peace of mind and a sense of safe being.

Why should you become a Crimestoppers partner?

Strong Recognition – 86% of people in the UK have heard about Crimestoppers.

Credibility – the charity Crimestoppers is the only credible brand to license in the security and protection arena.

Trust – consumers trust the Crimestoppers’ brand, which will help licensees and retailers to drive sales and increase profits.

Partnerships – Crimestoppers works with all 43 police forces in the UK, and has partnerships with over 70 companies, trade associations, and other organisations e.g. Neighbourhood Watch, and runs 43 volunteer committees.

Safety – every year Crimestoppers help stop thousands of crimes. So let’s make homes, businesses and communities safer together.

Deterrent – the use of the Crimestoppers’ logo can be a deterrent to crime when it is displayed.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – a great initiative, helping you meet your CSR objectives. Crimestoppers will support your organisation, product, customers and community, and can help you raise awareness of crime concerns.